(and sometimes the beast!)




It's award season apparently with many such events on the horizon for celebrities.  Here is a red carpet of a different kind.  I think this beauty deserves an award too, for the most glorious showing. The Illawarra Flame tree or brachychiton acerifolius, is one magnificent beauty and grouped together, as in this shot, undeniably eye-catching. Of course, there's always someone who won't play the game, in this case an early bloomer now dressed in green finery, the odd man out.
Just before Christmas I visited a friend at a lovely place called Valla Beach and the flame trees were in flower there too.  This acrobatically inclined, juvenile blue-faced honeyeater was taking advantage.
I'm so used to seeing bright red flame trees that I was shocked to see a fairly subdued red on a neighbour's tree.  Perhaps it's a different kind or the soil is different but I decided I liked it anyway. After all, in the words of Christian Dior "... There is certainly a red for everyone."



In the same vein as my last post, I present a galah Christmas angel... 
...and a cockatoo tree topper.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2017.



You'd be forgiven for thinking this snap was upside down, but it's not. Just a couple of rainbow lorikeets hanging around.  Could watch them for hours, such acrobats.
The guy on the left caught my eye first and then I realised there was a family chowing down further up in the palm tree flowers. He looks young, maybe waiting his turn.
Yesterday I noticed a couple of cockatoos in a neighbour's ?bunya? pine. The one on top just looked like a Christmas tree topper. Then, this morning I counted 8 birds in the same tree with a magpie being the topper and some noisy miners helping complete the decorations.



Today I arrived back from my Sunday walk to find this beautiful creature marauding my tomatoes. She and a juvenile I couldn't snap because it was in the tomato bush were very cheeky and let me get fairly close before they flew off.  I hope they enjoyed the grubs in the tomatoes too.
 Here she is (on the left) chowing down but keeping one eye on me.  The other photo is a male just to show you the difference. A snap I took some time ago. The juveniles are similar colouring to the female until they colour up.
While I was reading the paper, I could hear some strange noises that turned out to be a couple of Lewin's honeyeaters having a lovely time in the bath I put up for that very purpose. I'd noticed a noisy miner coming down into the yard for a drink a couple of weeks ago, and put that up so they wouldn't have to risk being spotted by the cat on the few times he's outside. 
Call me suspicious but I think this drongo may have been in there too at some stage.  I filled it up again after the honeyeaters left.
During my walk I spotted this blue-faced honeyeater trying to eat a large insect (hopefully, a cockroach) or perhaps just getting a better grip so he/she wouldn't lose it on the way back to their nest. 
And finally, a common or as in this case, garden variety, peewee which bravely struts around the back yard chomping down insects, completely ignoring the cat.  Bruce doesn't seem bothered by it either. Such startling eye plumage.

"A bird in the bath, is worth two in the tomato bush"  SMuGly



 Another visit to the Noosa Botanic Gardens revealed a world I hadn't really noticed before. These dear little frogs were hiding out on the reeds in a pond at the Gardens.  I was thrilled because I hadn't seen so many since I was a child. 
I was standing looking at the pond and noticed the little bumps on the reeds. Some were things like reed flowers, some grasshoppers and cicada shells. But the frogs were a delight. 
What a face... 
I particularly loved the white waterlilies, although some purple ones poked their heads up.
Always something getting around in the pond.  Some prettier than others.  
This not-very-clear shot, is one of the turtles who live in the pond.  He thought I had bread.  I don't have a photo of the black snake that passed very close to my feet as I was trying to get a close up of the frogs. Ugh. He slithered into the pond without reacting to my shriek.
This very tiny, blue damselfly falls into the pretty category. Such a vibrant blue. Very hard to see let alone focus on so I can only apologise for the daggy background; had to take what I could get.  Lots of lovely green lily leaves he could have landed in front of, but didn't. 
I found a large dragonfly cunningly camouflaged against some dead flowers on a nearby shrub...
To top it all off, the glorious scent of jasmine and caper white butterflies fluttering around.  Perfect... except for the snake.

“Life is like a pond, and every decision and act we commit, good or bad, is a pebble flung into it. The ripples spread in widening circles.” 
― Francine RiversAn Echo in the Darkness