(and sometimes the beast!)




Garlic chive flowers are really quite pretty when you take a close look, especially when there is a grouping of them. Sitting up very high above the chives they look rather striking......in my view!
But can you see the flies on them? While admiring them the other day, I realised there were flies all over them, and it didn't matter how close I got to them with the camera, they wouldn't budge! ....and we all know how flighty and hard to swat they can be, yes? Well I got up to only about an inch away from them and it never fazed them. Amazing!

This guy had better be very careful where he treads though. As long as he stays on top he should be fine. :)


  1. Maybe they get a bit intoxicated with the smell? Might put some garlic out on the deck and see if they get attracted to it. Smart spider though eh?

  2. Let me know how the garlic on the deck goes?
    Very smart spider indeed, but I didn't stick around long enough to see if she/he was successful! lol. x