(and sometimes the beast!)




Had to post this photo of a favourite I'd forgotten about. On my usual walk, I came across this gorgeous blast from the past. My grandparents had masses of this particular bromeliad growing around their macadamia nut tree and as I spent a great deal of my childhood at that tree picking nuts to crack, these vivid flowers became very familiar; sometimes there were tiny frogs living in them. I've not seen any plants for a long time, but perhaps I wasn't looking either because now they've come into my life I see them everywhere.[Edit 17/4 @ 6pm - Was at my daughter's place this afternoon and there in all its glory was another bromeliad (top photo) although it looks the same I'm not sure. Beautiful though and I think I like it more.] Pineapples, of course, are a common example in Queensland. They're much less exciting to look at, although a baby pineapple is extremely cute, honestly.


  1. Just popped over to your Bromeliads label. I used to have them in a former garden and they are just the best plants aren't they. Don't ask for any attention and then 'pow' when you least expect it, they put out the most beautiful flowers! Gorgeous photos Sandy :D)

  2. They are beautiful and just when they think they've finished flowering they manage to surprise with more little flowers pushing out of the first one. Not sure that makes sense but I know what I mean. Thanks for continuing to visit Susan.