(and sometimes the beast!)




UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE - I have reprinted part of my post from 15/5/10 with a warning. I attended the Garden Show at Nambour on the weekend and was shocked to find that the African Tulip is a killer!!! Yes, of our native bees. It is in the top 100 plant pests in the world! They are killing off sweet native bees who never hurt anyone because they are stingless. So if you are in a position to get rid of one of these murderous trees please do so.

The African Tulip tree is out in force at the moment in my area. Every vista has at least one example of this striking looking tree hogging the lime light with its flaming flowers. Parrots love them and tend to get a bit tiddly from the nectar I'm told. Maybe that's what happens to the bees, they become so intoxicated they die from alcohol poisoning?


  1. Just what we do not need is another things that kills bees! I will get the Roundup out and visit Stadtpark.

  2. Good idea Badger! I find myself wondering if anyone would notice if I went over to a couple of trees and ring barked them? Appears I have my own murderous intentions...