(and sometimes the beast!)




Mmmm, I think not!
This little thing is only about 1.5cm wide and it's growing out of the soil around the dead base of  an old Fiddlewood tree that was cut down a few years ago.
They are very solid and hard to the touch but also wet and slippery. 
I'm fairly sure that the drops of liquid aren't actually dew, coz they've been there a few days now and they don't "do" anything when I poke something in them!

This larger version, about 6cm across, seems to be growing another "coat" around itself.
They also seem to be anchored quite well to the ground.

We have such an interesting array of fungus, mushroom and lichen varieties that appear in our backyard at different times.
Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of "Tasty Morsels from My Backyard".  ;^)))