(and sometimes the beast!)




This tiny version of the humble choko is growing on my fence although was planted by my neighbour.  She's planted both white and green ones (read about their other names here) but to my knowledge she hasn't managed to harvest any and I certainly haven't taken them so I will be interested to see if this baby grows to maturity.  I have to say I was fascinated by the tiny flowers and this developing fruit although I always hated them as a child and as an adult have managed to avoid them most of the time despite my ex-husband's love of them.  He adores choko smothered in white sauce.  My maternal Grandfather would eat them raw (shudder) and my paternal Nana cooked them with apple in her pies because they were cheaper than apples and take on the flavour of what they're paired with.  The only time I actually enjoyed them was the time I sliced them finely and cooked them with fresh beans.  However, it wasn't an experience I'm keen to repeat, mainly because of how disgusting they are to handle.  Of course, I could wear gloves or leave the skin on, but life's too short to eat something so-so when I could eat something I really enjoy.  Now where is that loofah I'm having for dinner?  [edit 11/4/11: Went to check on this cutie (it's still there and grown some) and discovered several large ones hanging so picked them and took over to the neighbour.  She had only managed a small one before today]