(and sometimes the beast!)




Today, I had the pleasure of attending a cooking class at the wonderful Spirit House Restaurant & Cooking School in Yandina with friends.  The location is a restful place full of secluded nooks and quirky surprises. These photos show a few things which took my eye, like this bearded dragon found sunning himself near the lagoon. 
And what a wonderful bunch of cooks we turned out to be!  We enjoyed a delicious Thai lunch prepared and cooked by ourselves (and another dozen or so strangers) under the expert tutelage of Annette.  I would highly recommend taking a class there, and this was my fourth or maybe fifth, I forget.  I'm feeling full to bursting now because after our relaxed lunch we farewelled our cooking colleagues and went to the Restaurant (a separate pavilion to the Cooking School) for dessert and coffee.  Really we didn't need it but I guess we didn't want the day to end too quickly.  My biggest regret was not taking a photo of our spectacular (and delicious) desserts before we devoured them.  I guess it gives me a reason to go back soon?