(and sometimes the beast!)




Yesterday, I visited North Stradbroke Island with my daughter and on a day that was predicted as "overcast with possible light showers", I have to say the weather was glorious.  North Straddie is a true paradise although of course mid-week in the off season may not be a true indication.  
I took the top photo at Amity Point where we saw this koala mum performed some acrobatics for us, jumping from tree to tree with her baby hanging on tightly.  Usually, unless they're in captivity, they are so high up in the trees that you can't see them. We were all captivated by this unexpected treat.
Amity doesn't seem to have changed a whole lot from the days I visited as a teenager. There are many more holiday homes there now but essentially, it had the same untouched feel to it. I loved the reddish colour of the sand in the photo below.  The water was so clear you could see to the bottom from the jetty at Amity.  I felt quite nostalgic for the old days.  We travelled around with Goanna Adventures who looked after us very well and we enjoyed the ferry ride over as well.

No, your eyes do not deceive you; this Koala is sitting in a banksia tree.  What the? We all know they eat eucalyptus leaves so I can only speculate that as it is supposed to be mating season at the moment, he was wandering around looking for a mate and got disoriented.  Hopefully, the poor chap will find a partner soon and a suitable tree. 
(My daughter took this shot with my camera as I couldn't seem to find him in the viewfinder. Thanks Kyles)