(and sometimes the beast!)




Yesterday I busied myself with some tidying up in the garden, during which time I had cause to do the spider dance.  Hopefully, none of the neighbours were witness to it.  I must say when I've performed said dance inside the privacy of my home, it's much more unrestrained than in the yard.  There's a lot of shrieking, hair flapping, back slapping and general mayhem. The reason for the dance is terror.  Terror that an unknown (undoubtledly venomous) spider has just dropped onto me somewhere or worse, out of my hair!  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!
Which is what this bloke did, drop out of my hair, hence the hair flapping (and some mild shrieking).  After all, who knows how many of his family may have joined him up there?
Once I had my wits about me again, I noticed how pretty he was because that white you see was flashing silver in the dying sun.  So naturally, I ran inside to get the camera. He's an Argiope keyserlingi spider, commonly called the crucifix or St Andrew's spider because of the way they sit in the web.  
I probably owe this one an apology, must've stuck my head into his web. Ugh. I'm sure he was more frightened than I was and of course now has to build a new home.
'Scuse me, got to go dance just in case, I think I feel something in my hair.