(and sometimes the beast!)




I've posted before about the wildlife visible from the balcony at work and now there's a new critter to add to the mix.  This black swan has taken to cruising the creek outside.  The photo above was taken as he raced to beat the rest of the residents when he spotted me on the balcony in case there were treats to be had.  He was going so fast his back leg is visible out of the water!  I thought this photo made him look a bit like the Loch Ness Monster.  Not sure if it's the same bird or 2 different ones and the other is sitting on a nest somewhere.
The photo below clearing shows one of the myriad turtles that inhabit the creek trying to run him off.  At one stage I saw three of them having a go but he 'stood' his 'ground'.

These ducks flew in for a look as well.  I was wishing my lunch break was longer that 30 mins.  I saw two different types of duck, water hen, white ibis, shags, water dragons, turtles, fish and an eel using the creek the other day.