(and sometimes the beast!)




I completed the walk of my life on Sunday in part of The Scenic Rim.  Who knew I could walk 12km up a mountain (Mt Mitchell) and through bushland for nearly 7 hours in the rain?  Not me.  Despite being part of the tick food chain for a little while (boy don't I know about it today), landing on my backside several times, feeling miserable for most of the 7 hours and silently cursing the person who talked me into it, at the end I felt quite chuffed with myself. Not enough to do that particular walk again, but perhaps I could be persuaded to try something similar, preferably in leech- and tick-free country. I wasn't as exhausted as I thought I'd be anyway.
Our guide, Teresa of Horizon Guides, spotted the moth's wing (above) and then we found more of the poor thing scattered around.  
For sale: moth jigsaw, some parts missing.