(and sometimes the beast!)




These beautiful autumnal colours belong to a local persimmon tree I encounter on my travels.  I hadn't realised until this year what a lovely show they put on. 
Here is the fruit by the way; this is the old fashioned variety that must be eaten when soft and squishy and tastes quite astringent if eaten too early. I always loathed them as a child but I absolutely love the new varieties (Fuji fruit) which are eaten when firm and crunchy. Delicious.
I can tell by the cold wind whistling up the leg of my trackpants when I go for a walk that winter is upon us, in fact, by the end of the weeeeek! To wear a jacket or not is my morning dilemma. I end up wearing the jacket and halfway through, when I've worked up a sweat, tying it to my waist by the sleeves.  Undoubtedly, not good for the sleeves but, hey, I've got long arms.