(and sometimes the beast!)




If you look closely, you can see those brown honeyeater eggs I showed you a couple of weeks ago have now hatched!
"Waah!  Waah!  Hungry, hungry!"
"Here you go babies, snack on that!"
"Back soon."  
The chicks are very demanding.
Both mum and dad are taking turns with the feeding.
To get the shot of the feeding, I went to the trouble of firstly going up a ladder under the bush and quietly breaking off a couple of offending twigs while mum (or dad) was away, then set up the ladder on the front patio so I could get a "bird's eye view" of the feeding process from behind a bamboo blind.  Very happy with the result although I assume that is an insect going down the baby's gullet, not an extra beak? Very odd looking thing.  Now all I have to do is stop worrying about one falling out of the nest.  The way they throw themselves around waiting for food is very disquieting.