(and sometimes the beast!)




I've become a bit of a Mrs Mangel around here; spying on the neighbourhood with my camera at the ready. However, I'm not interested in the people, only the birds and am currently obsessed with the sulphur crested white cockatoos which frequent the area.

Their strident calls are so loud, I can hear them coming but am usually too late to get a decent shot as they zoom over.  These birds were in a tall gum tree, a street away which is a favourite of theirs, and I was sitting on the front patio when they arrived so I'm pleased to get any decent shots of them.
This one was taken on a different day as you can see by the sky and I only managed the one shot as they flew away. Next on my list, the yellow tailed black cockatoos which occasionally fly over, not that I've ever seen them land nearby.  
One day the tree was full of white cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets so I set up the camera to get a shot of them thinking how wonderfully colourful it would be as they flew off but I was too slow clicking the shutter and this was all I got! An empty tree. One day...