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 There's a small town in Country Victoria called Romsey where I found this prized flower, called lapageria rosea or Chilean bellflower, which is the national flower of Chile. So what's it doing growing in Romsey?
Well, there is an historical cottage in Romsey, built by Sidney Seymour during the gold rush days of the mid-19th century. At the front of the cottage grows this vine which, according to the duty historical society lady, is usually grown in a hot house and it is extremely rare to find it growing out in the elements. 
 I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to photograph this delightful flower. 
According to Wikipedia the vine has an edible berry.  I might have to go visit again because I do like my berries. In the wild the flowers are pollinated by hummingbirds so I wonder, what is the Victorian equivalent of a hummingbird??

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