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Here are a few of my insect friends captured over the past week. This dragonfly was taken from directly above and with some trouble because he was so tiny my camera refused to put him in focus for a while.  But I love the resulting shot.
I have lots of these cabbage white butterflies in my yard, mainly because of my lawn, which, to be honest, is mostly weeds; as is evident from the photos. I have no cabbages I might add. These butterflies apparently love the weed I think of as chamomile, although I know it isn't.  Is it?

What about this one?  You'd swear he was a leaf until he flies off when you get too close.  I just wasn't quick enough to capture the glorious autumnal colours on the inside of the wings when he flew unfortunately. I'll keep trying though. Read more about evening nymphs.
And, of course, a Wanderer butterfly, in this case on the wrong side of a dahlia; perhaps he was just catching his breath before the next course...
This is the Common Crow butterfly which is pretty common around here anyway, although I might say, not as common as crows!

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