(and sometimes the beast!)




This morning I enjoyed my breakfast being entertained by the local birds.  I was particularly enchanted by a couple of tiny willy wagtails which were completely unfazed by my presence; at times they were snapping at insects within a foot of my head.  
[edit 28.8.13: Thanks to my clever sister, I can reveal that these are, in fact, grey fantails, same family as willy wagtails]
 They are spectacularly fast though, so counted myself lucky to get a couple of decent shots.
 Mr Kookaburra was way down the front checking out the feeding opportunities.  
 There are lots of them around here including this guy who has some sort of damage to his upper beak.  He appears to be in good health though so must be able to consume enough to keep himself alive.
The large shrub near my front door was being checked out by brown honey eaters.  Can't help wondering if these are the parents from last year who reared a couple of fledglings, almost under my nose. Hopefully, I'll be playing host again soon.
  These wattle birds were very entertaining too.  One was having a bath and refused to let the other one join in.  Not long after taking this shot they got very physical and ended up flying away altogether. Not sure if it was foreplay or a domestic.
There was also a solitary drongo enjoying his breakfast, although by the time I'd focussed, he'd already eaten whatever it was, taking flight shortly afterward.


  1. Beaut bird pics. I miss Kookaburras

    1. Thanks Badger, they do provide endless entertainment. Can't help but laugh at a Kookaburra. I know the Yanks have gum trees so maybe it won't be long before someone releases a Kookaburra for you :)

  2. Loving all these fab birds Sandy! Great shots. Wish I had that many smaller birds to watch in my yard. Lots, lots of big ones here. ♥

    1. I have the big ones too of course. Thanks for the info on the grey fantail. I did think it was different to the true willy wagtail, but thought it might have been a juvenile.