(and sometimes the beast!)




At the end of 2013, I'm celebrating with the first shots I've managed to take of lightning!  I've cheated with this first snap as a friend told me that where they were, the lightning was in the sunset so I imagine this is a little bit like what they saw.  I was glued to my front verandah but still got a pretty amazing view.

 Just after sunset on Sunday night, after a stiflingly hot day (and evening) we were treated to a lightning show.  Most of us enjoyed it, however a couple of men in Maroochydore had to be taken to hospital after being struck. Hopefully, they are okay. I was up a ladder at one stage, trying to get a real "lightning in the sunset" shot before deciding discretion was the smarter thing to do.  I couldn't believe that of 500 odd frames I shot (yes, you read correctly), I really only captured actual lightning bolts on about 10 frames, with another 15 where the lightning lit up the clouds.  Oops, too slow.  Oops, too fast.  
Eventually, I gave up the chase (something I should have done when trying to get that perfect whale shot) and just sat back and enjoyed the show with my daughter, while we had a beer (or two).  Great way to end the day.
 This one is my favourite.  Is that the "crack in the universe" as seen on Dr Who????
 Given my sci-fi bent, I couldn't help remembering John Wyndham's classic novel, Day of the Triffids, where people who watched a light                show were .... [spoiler alert!] ... blinded.


  1. Thank you KB, I was pleased with them.

  2. Thanks Liana, it was a pretty stunning sight. Should have had the video rolling to catch those bolts that seem to run overhead towards us. Quite amazing. Thanks for visiting