(and sometimes the beast!)




 We've had Sunday visitors the last two weeks; noisy but nice, yellow tailed black cockatoos. They have only just started visiting.  Perhaps they've only just discovered that next door has a large aviary and breeds all sorts of exotic birds and parrots.  There were three of them last week and two that I saw today.
 Whatever the reason they're around, I'm pleased.  Even though they have a horrible call (my reason for disliking crows so much); I don't mind it and always come running to see them when I hear them. I believe this one is a male. He looks a bit like Marty Feldman from the front doesn't he?
The one behind is possibly a female, given that the ring around the eyes are more of a grey than the pink of the males.
 He got tired of my presence and flew away. She stayed a bit longer but was hidden in the shubbery so I gave up trying to snap the picture of the century. I will be looking for them next Sunday.


  1. I am disappointed with my birds. As far as I can tell I get only three different types. But perhaps if I keep putting seed out more will come - and I need more trees.

  2. Plant them and they will come.... Then make a movie about it? Thanks for visiting Badger.

  3. I dropped a bag of wild bird seed on the ground as I was filling the bird feeder today. In about an hour every sparrow in North America came to visit. The air and ground was thick with them.

  4. What a popular guy you are Badger. The cats would've enjoyed the scene. Was it at sparrow fart?