(and sometimes the beast!)




I first noticed this very cute little flower growing out of a potted orchid I have, a year or so ago and, at the time, assumed it was another type of orchid in the same pot.  However, it died off and didn't regrow.  
 Then, as you can see, it reappeared between the pavers, competing with weeds for attention.  I'm thinking I might pot it up before I forget myself and pull it out with some weeds.  These shots were taken a month ago and I meant to take a photo with the lower flowers open, but never noticed if they came out.  It is still growing strong so perhaps I'd better do it. But what the heck is it?  Weed, orchid or something entirely different?
[EDIT 20.2.14 - Once again Ian Percy from Florez Nursery has come to my rescue with the name of this little beauty.  Pseuderanteumum variabile or shooting star.  I then found mention of it on another blog The Home Bug Garden where he also calls it the Love flower]   
[EDIT 6.3.14 - True to my word (wonders will never cease!), I dug up and potted the plant and now, over a week later, it appears to be still growing strongly.  Yay for me, leader of the brown thumbs.]


  1. Sweet little flower indeed Sandy and it does look like part of the orchid family doesn't it? x

  2. It's a gorgeous little thing but must pot it up or lose it. Definitely not the orchid I had which I posted about here: http://snapshotsofbeauty.blogspot.com.au/2011/09/more-orchid-moments.html and don't know enough about them to know if they throw out random seeds.

  3. Hi Sandy,
    I think it is a Pseuderanthemum...big long name .Common name shooting stars and may be native. It comes and goes in the garden.

  4. Thanks for that Ian. It is a very long name for such a small plant. Will do my best not to kill it. :)