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 Lately, I've become quite interested in the variety of doorknockers, doors, leadlight windows and entrances out there in the world and am building up quite a collection of exotic and fanciful ones on my Pinterest Board. This is a collection of some we came across around Tasmania.
Above is a quite ordinary picket fence in Hobart made beautiful by the addition of a gateway arbour covered in roses.  Too many street signs in front to get a better photo of the rest of the house.
During a walk to the Salamanca Markets we came across a set of 4 workers cottages, all the doors were painted green but they had different door knockers. The fourth had been broken off, unfortunately. I thought they made a nice collection.
 We saw lots of leadlight panes used in windows and doors.  At night, they would look even better with light shining through.
This first knocker was rusty and not looked after but so intricate, I couldn't resist taking a snap.  The lion, of course, is gorgeous and totally irresistible.
Down at Port Arthur, more doorways and interesting stuff as you'd expect.  This lovely ruin of the church had lots of doorways and windows.
Cell block windows.  Couldn't get close to the prison ruins due to restoration work but it looks like the bars would still keep prisoners in.
These steps at the Chaplain's house have been worn away by the endless traipsing of penitents, clerks and guards no doubt.

The Accountant's House top step has seen better days too. I can imagine people standing, caps in hand, shuffling around waiting for their pay.
Love this window which was in the prisoner's church, part of one of the main buildings, where the prisoners would sit separated by partitions, being harangued by the clergy. No doubt, more plans of escape were dreamed whilst staring out than thoughts of repentance.
A very well worn door knocker at the Port Arthur Asylum.
Another arbour "doorway" that took my fancy at Port Arthur.  Didn't even look at what the vine is but it would look beautiful when it's in flower. Hopefully, a jasmine so it would smell divine too.
This arbour is at the Leaning Church Vineyard near Launceston. They hold weddings and receptions there so this would be a popular place to take photographs.
Not sure what happened after this, no more doors, windows etc.  Did I lose interest? Might have to go back and take another look.
When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.~ Author Unknown


  1. A really nice gathering of knockers and doors etc Sandy. I too like the look of leadlight windows - in the evening or when the afternoon sun is shining through.
    That one in the church at Port Arthur is particularly lovely.
    A beaut post :D)

  2. Fabulous post Sandy! Loving all that 'old' as in wooden doors and knockers. All just gorgeous. Great quote too. ♥

  3. Hi Pam, yes thanks I received your reply. Sorry I took so long, only just came online again. Cheers to you both :D)

  4. Thanks Pam and Susan, glad you enjoyed it. Let's see if I can work the computer this time!!

  5. must not have been holding my mouth right last time Pam!

  6. Can't believe there are no birds in Tassie.

  7. You must've missed the previous post Badger. Any in Sweden?