(and sometimes the beast!)




 Most of the wildflowers that caught my attention were on the west coast of Tasmania, either on islands off Strahan or seen on the way there.  I'm sure I bought a wildflower book but can't for the life of me find the thing so, unfortunately, most are nameless.  
This first flower is similar to a dandelion I guess but is really a ball of tiny flowers, like lantana but not growing like that. Very sweet and found with the daisies below.
 The golden everlasting daisies were growing in clumps along the Lyell Highway to Strahan and were welcome colour in, otherwise, stark countryside and dead trees. The area looked like it had never recovered from bush fires and, I guess, that may be what happened.
These nameless beauties were also found on the road to Strahan but also in other places. Very eye catching indeed.
Just before arriving in Strahan there was a lookout to the coast and we stopped to have a look...
and found this very attractive clump of grass.  I know, what sort of person loves grass?  Silly old cow, I am. I have previously admitted to an obsession.
 Alongside the grass, though, was this beauty (also unnamed).
And this colourful shrub is apparently, common heath There was a board about local flora but not one of those above was on it.
I did find a name for this one, which is the fruit of the leptecophylla juniperina and I read, now, that it is edible!  Next time, I'll try it.
 We took a trip up the Franklin River and one of our ports of call was Sarah Island which had been a penal settlement and completely devoid of trees while being used as such.  Now, only a few ruins remain and it is overgrown with local flora, no doubt thanks to prevailing winds and birds. Nature takes over.
Buttercups and blue berries, for example.
 Or these white daisy type flowers and something that could well be a weed, but is very attractive.
 This stylish pink flower is the stylidium graminifolium or grass trigger plant.
 Now, I think this is a native fuchsia or cirrea but I could be very wrong.  Pretty little thing though.


  1. Hi Sandy, love the pretty bouquet you've created from all those Tassie wildflowers. They're a delight to see :D)

    1. Glad you enjoyed them Susan, they were a delight to take....