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My last post (A slip of the tongue) featured a photo of a green headed parrot I had decided was a juvenile king parrot.  I was excited to find his dad in the front tree during the rain a few days later.  Isn't he magnificent? 
Another brown honeyeater, this time taken at Coolum Beach.  They have a distinct voice so I knew what I was looking for but, boy, were they hard to find in that coast banksia.  Finally, success; no tongue this time though sorry. 
 A pale headed rosella also featured and since then, I've put up a seed bar for them and they loved it.  I can find them there most days chowing down and it didn't take long to finish off that small one.  The photo on the right shows the new seed feeder.  Huge thing; and it took them a couple of days to come back.  I wondered it they were afraid of its size.
That takes care of the double take.... here are some of my favourite things...
I spotted this beautiful butterfly the other morning and was very pleased to get one or two shots of it. To be honest, it is a little blurry and I've just missed one of its antennaes.  I get so excited my hands shake and I'm terrified I'll scare the beautiful things away if I move too quickly.  Will have to investigate what its name is.
This water lily taken at a friend's place combines two of my favourite things: bugs and flowers! Not sure what the bug is....  native bee perhaps?
 A black-faced cuckoo-shrike was busy snapping up insects around the yard when he spotted me.  Are you .. looking at me?  I love the look on his face.
 This drongo looks a little grumpy with those red eyes doesn't he?  He's a frequent visitor and enjoys the water tray I leave in the front tree for the birds.
I don't see a lot of galahs here (lots down the road at the church often) but always nice to see them. When I wear grey and pink I think I look like a galah!
The lady next door has an aviary and the day the galahs turned up was the first time I'd noticed them under the cages snaring some free seed dropped from the big cages. Messy photo but demonstrates some of the birds, which include crows, doves, lorikeets and pigeons, which can be seen feeding there every day.  
And to finish off some of my favourite things: how gorgeous are these two rainbow lorikeets?  I think they must be young birds as their feathers don't look as bright on the head as adults I've seen.


  1. Fabulous shots Sandy!
    I'm leaving the Galah comment alone. Not touching it! lol.

    Love the butterfly and pale headed rosellas especially! ♥

  2. I was a bit disappointed in the butterfly but at least I captured it! But my favourite is the 2 rainbow lorikeets. A pair of sweeties. But thanks for the kind words.
    Sandy Galah....

  3. Thanks for those wonderful pics.

    1. You are entirely welcome Badger, glad you enjoy them.