(and sometimes the beast!)




I promised to lay off the birds but I'm afraid it's almost impossible!  They're everywhere, so one photo has a bird in it.   But first, here is some of the first flush of blossom in country Victoria. This is an ornamental pear taken in Romsey. I was perhaps a week too early as most of the blossom trees are about to flower I was told. 
Nevertheless, I found a few trees in my travels that were bursting with beautiful pink petals. I don't know what variety they are, whether ornamental or fruiting but they are glorious.  This is a close up of the front tree at the church below. In fact, this tree was alive with tiny colourful birds which were so quick I couldn't even see what they were, let alone focus long enough to take a photo of them.
Pink blossom, blue stone.
Single blossoms this time, and just as beautiful contrasting with the dark bark.  It will probably have the maroon coloured leaves after the petals fall.
Of course, I couldn't go past this tree and nor could the galahs obviously! Almost perfect camouflage for them.


  1. I saw some Galahs and beaut other birds when I was in Australia. Lovely stuff.

  2. Thanks Badger. I think galahs may be my favourite ... until I see a King parrot or a rosella! Glad you got a bit of aussie back into you!

  3. Stunning Sandy. The blossom pinks are just beautiful.

  4. They are indeed, and the air is buzzing with bees all around them. Thanks for the compliment but I don't think one could take a bad photo of such a beautiful subject!