(and sometimes the beast!)




The subject line is a slight exaggeration, because we didn't get lost.  But who knew about wild Buderim?   My daughter did and she took me for a walk last week in that extremely populous suburb.  I had heard of the Buderim Forest but never visited before. 
I found it to be very therapeutic and am pleased to have found such a lovely walk which is not too difficult even when you leave the board-walk.
There are steps that are easy to climb... 
although you do need to be careful in some places and when crossing the steam...
The board-walk meanders along and over a gurgling stream before finishing and then you walk up to several waterfalls using the well beaten track. 
There are other board-walks leading elsewhere from the falls.
You can get right down under the falls. Wonder what that's like after heavy rains?
Lots of tiny birds were seen high in the canopy but unfortunately, they were too quick and too small in the fading light to get any snaps.  I did manage to take a blurry shot of a green cat bird before he flew off.  We didn't see any snakes or lizards although my daughter has seen lizards there before.  In fact, aside from the birds, it was almost devoid of wildlife that day.
Plenty of interesting berries and fruit though.  The blue is a blue quandong and they were everywhere (don't you love that colour?). The red, is one of the lilly pilly varieties but I'm not sure what the tiny yellow fruit is. Perhaps a fig of some sort?

All in all, it's a lovely walk with plenty to interest most people and I will do it again, perhaps when it's a little cooler.
As a bonus, we were treated to a delightful sunset on our way home.


  1. It looks fabulous. We haven't found anything like that here

    1. it was lovely Badger. Maybe you're not looking in the right places? Although I guess not much in the way of actual rainforest in that area but some sort of forest must be in the offing.....

  2. Ooh can I come with next time you go pls? :) x

    1. Sure can. There's also another one at Bli Bli but not as long.