(and sometimes the beast!)




My lovely sister Pam from Cloth and Creation and Nest In The Attic nominated me for a "Share your art on Facebook Challenge" where I had to share my art and nominate someone else each day.  I thought I'd share the photos I put up with you...
 This night blooming cactus is quite magnificent and for the past few months it has been flowering madly, on and off.  Whenever I drive past I always look to see if it's budding up.  The plant is very tall, standing at least 3 metres.
These photos were taken at night  but look at the number of buds. It will still be in flower in the early morning. Unfortunately, this morning it was pouring with rain here so I went back to bed instead of heading over to see if I could get a clearer shot.  Maybe tomorrow...
A cooperative common crow butterfly sat for a while so I could get a shot, unlike a few other more colourful specimens who were just too quick for me.
I took this photo of a little wattlebird just before a couple of rambunctious rainbow lorikeets chased him off.
That's a blade of grass this tiny orange dragonfly is perched on.  I'm surprised I even saw him, let alone managed to shoot.
This ugly brute greeted me as I came up to my front door last night.  It has set up home close to the door and gave me a fright. I often get caught in what remains of its web each day but fortunately it removes itself during the day.  Ikkkkk! I console myself with the thought of wasps and mozzies it's probably dispatching each night.  Hopefully...
I also included some photos of other art and crafts I do.  These are a couple of my favourite ceramic pieces I've made over the years. I particularly love the spanish lantern on the right.  A lot of work went into carving and painting windows and doors to let out the candle light.
I started this painting in acrylic of a monsteria delicio a while back and I'm taking my time finishing it.  I noticed the other day that I've damaged the canvas at some stage so it will be mine all mine... eventually.
Any actual mosaic artists should look away now!  
This is the beginnings of a wall planter I'm working on using smashed china (at least I've started, I tell myself) which will have a couple of cacti or succulents in it when it's finished.  I foolishly didn't work out a design before beginning and as the thickness of the china varies so much I think I'll have to start again with a different bedding glue.  But one day it will be finished.


  1. Hi Sandy, wow I'm in awe of that gorgeous night blooming cactus - it's a beauty all right.
    Lovely shot of the dragonfly too. I quite like photos of spiders as well and yours is great... they're amazing when you look closely at your photo aren't they, all the little details on them!
    It's not often a Wattlebird gets seen off... at least now down this way lol! Musn't have been 'his' tree ;D)
    You're a multi-talented lady all right, beautiful ceramics indeed and I really love your acrylic - it's looking fabulous already!! That's a great idea for old/broken china too and a couple of succulents will look real beaut on it. Perhaps don't worry too much about not having a plan, the randomness is appealing... a great post in all :D)

  2. Thanks for your lovely comments Susan. High praise indeed from you (being as I think you are a great talent). Not sure when I'll get to the mosaic but looking forward to smashing up some china! Thanks for visiting.

  3. Beautiful photos! You are so creative with the smashed china wall planter. I could never create such a thing. :)

    1. Thank you Di. You never know what you can do until you try, I'm not anywhere near finished yet though, when it's done you mightn't be so complimentary! Thanks for visiting.

  4. You sure are a busy bee. I don't know where you find the time.

  5. aww thanks for that sweet introduction Sandy! So nice of you to say that! and as I have already commented on FB your shots are all fantastic!
    Your ceramics rock! and your painting and mosaic are coming on so well! xxx

    1. You are too kind! It will be interesting to see how long it takes me to get moving on the mosaic... :)