(and sometimes the beast!)




Tomorrow, I start working in a new workplace away from the interesting creek which has been the centre of so much of my photography sessions over the past few years. I will miss seeing what happens out there on and around the water.  Last week, my last week there, I was treated to a couple of interesting things... 
There was a group of black swans on the creek every day and there was a lot going on.  In the top picture there is a chase on between these two which I was lucky enough to see, and capture.  I had never noticed before that they have so many white feathers, no doubt because I had never seen them fly in.  They always look so serene, paddling like mad underneath but this time they looked mad above water.
 Here, things look a bit quieter and they seem to be having a nice chat about what has been going on. 
 You could be forgiven for thinking this is a family shot, but the little, purple swamp hen with matching red beak is no relation...
 This guy was the most exciting thing I saw last week.  In the five years or so I've been working in the building I had never seen a goanna there.  So I was thrilled to be "Johnny on the Spot" for this guy. Even though he was moving slowly, I lost sight of him not long after this shot as he lumbered into the shrubbery and then under the landing which hangs over the shore.  Difficult to see on the rocks too, perfect camouflage for him.
Over the same time I have seen lots of water dragons (or possibly it's the same water dragon, over and over) but this one looked particularly cute I thought. What a handsome boy!
And to finish off, my first halfway decent shot of one of the many fish that jump all over the place on sunny days (except into my viewfinder).  Unfortunately, they don't announce that they are about to jump and I am usually too far away or too slow to snap.  This one was quite a way down the creek which is why it's not that sharp but you can definitely see that it's a fish!  He looked about 10 inches long.  No idea what sort though I'm afraid.


  1. These are all fantastic captures, Sandy! The jumping fish looks as if he's jumping into a Monet painting.
    Wishing you good look in your new workplace and hopefully many great sightings there, too,

  2. You're very kind Merisi, given your fantastic talents! Thank you. I hope I see some interesting things in the new place, just a bit further to walk though.

  3. I hope you are not totally deprived of critters and birds in your new place. Your pics keep me in touch with Australia.

    1. Always on the look out Badger so there should be no shortage of photos to come. Thanks for visiting...

  4. Gosh, you must be missing your very lovely watery workplace spot Sandy. Am sure that by now you've found other interesting places in your new situation.
    Great photos of the lizards! Also the jumping fish... so hard to keep focussed in order to grab that action shot - well done.
    All the best and I hope you're having a lovely Easter break. Cheers now :D)

    1. I am missing it Susan for various reasons but mostly the scenery! I get an ocean view for lunch if I bother to walk a little way but not as many critters I'm afraid. Thanks for your kindness. Easter has been lovely thanks