(and sometimes the beast!)




Because it's Australia Day I decided to post some of my favourite Aussie icons.  Didn't have a photo of a meat pie sorry...
Gum trees.  Some say that's why Australia has that true blue sky we have, the eucalyptus in the air. Gorgeous flowers on this one.
Flies. Not really a favourite, but very Australian and this one was so pretty I didn't have the heart to kill it. And surely it's the very definition of a "blue arsed fly"?
Cricket/Beach.   What could be more Australian than enjoying the outdoors, family and sport at the same time?  I love an early morning or late afternoon stroll along the beach.  I should say I like taking photos at the beach but am not a beach goer.  Hate all that sand in my pants and getting sunburnt.  Never understood the need to go to the beach when it's hot.  That sand radiates more heat.  And perhaps I should have included a picture of a melanoma to round out all the beachiness?    
The laughing jackass. (how long since I've heard kookaburras called that!).  Definitely one of my favourite birds of all time and a regular visitor to my yard.
Galah. A beautiful bird that has made it into the Australian vernacular... "Don't be a galah!"  Not entirely sure what that means though.  Don't wear grey and pink?  If that's it, I am often a galah...
Reptiles. Not a scary brown snake but cute water dragons begging for (and getting) popcorn from kids leaving the movies.  Also made it into common usage here: Flat out like a lizard drinking (or eating popcorn apparently).
Koala.  One of our more iconic animals.  This one has a baby tucked away in front too.
So if you're Australian, enjoy our day and celebrate wisely wherever you are (and remember this, there is an "L" in the word Australia).


  1. Kookaburras are also called Laughing Jackasses? LOL! Love it! Also, magnificent shot of the fly. I've never seen a fly actually look beautiful before! :)

    1. Education and beauty in the same post! Gotta be happy with that. Thanks Di, check out this post too, much prettier fly I think...

  2. It all makes me so homesick. But we will be here for a few years yet.

    1. Sorry, but you know where to come to get an Aussie fix! Thanks for getting homesick on my page...