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 My love affair with bees continues.  No blue and brown banded bees to be seen lately but that's possibly because I pulled out all the comfry so none of those little blue flowers they loved so much.
 The bees have been busy pollinating my Brazilian cherry so am hopeful of lots of fruit soon.
 Found this very colourful guy in the garden the other day. Didn't make a move even though I was close to it with the camera.  I was happy to leave him because he was on a weed.
 Now this guy was at the Ginger Factory in Yandina yesterday.  His body was about 6cm long so imagine how long those front and back legs are.  The small legs at the front are bright red.  Ugh.
 I watched this wasp or hornet busily flying around from an old box to the garden wall and tracked her down inside a pipe building a mud hut.
I haven't been able to identify it either as none of the images on Google for wasp/hornets included this particular shape.  Possibly a potter wasp.

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