(and sometimes the beast!)




You'd be forgiven for thinking this snap was upside down, but it's not. Just a couple of rainbow lorikeets hanging around.  Could watch them for hours, such acrobats.
The guy on the left caught my eye first and then I realised there was a family chowing down further up in the palm tree flowers. He looks young, maybe waiting his turn.
Yesterday I noticed a couple of cockatoos in a neighbour's ?bunya? pine. The one on top just looked like a Christmas tree topper. Then, this morning I counted 8 birds in the same tree with a magpie being the topper and some noisy miners helping complete the decorations.


  1. Hi there Sandy, just catching up with everyone after being a bit slack on my blogging!!
    Love the photos, those Rainbow Lorikeets are so self-assured when they take over a tree aren't they.
    That's a funny one of the Cockatoo atop the pine.
    Have a lovely Christmas time and I hope life's been good to you. Cheerio for now :D)

    1. Hi Sue, lovely to see you're back in the swing. Thank you for visiting. I must say I understand being a bit slack at times. Here it is almost Christmas and I haven't posted since this one! Perhaps I'll manage another post before the end of the year.