(and sometimes the beast!)




 Another visit to the Noosa Botanic Gardens revealed a world I hadn't really noticed before. These dear little frogs were hiding out on the reeds in a pond at the Gardens.  I was thrilled because I hadn't seen so many since I was a child. 
I was standing looking at the pond and noticed the little bumps on the reeds. Some were things like reed flowers, some grasshoppers and cicada shells. But the frogs were a delight. 
What a face... 
I particularly loved the white waterlilies, although some purple ones poked their heads up.
Always something getting around in the pond.  Some prettier than others.  
This not-very-clear shot, is one of the turtles who live in the pond.  He thought I had bread.  I don't have a photo of the black snake that passed very close to my feet as I was trying to get a close up of the frogs. Ugh. He slithered into the pond without reacting to my shriek.
This very tiny, blue damselfly falls into the pretty category. Such a vibrant blue. Very hard to see let alone focus on so I can only apologise for the daggy background; had to take what I could get.  Lots of lovely green lily leaves he could have landed in front of, but didn't. 
I found a large dragonfly cunningly camouflaged against some dead flowers on a nearby shrub...
To top it all off, the glorious scent of jasmine and caper white butterflies fluttering around.  Perfect... except for the snake.

“Life is like a pond, and every decision and act we commit, good or bad, is a pebble flung into it. The ripples spread in widening circles.” 
― Francine RiversAn Echo in the Darkness


  1. Fantastic shots indeed Sandy!
    Little frogs certainly are adorable no matter what colour!

    Enjoyed this post a lot! xx

    1. Thanks Pam. Reminded me of our childhood. Lots around in the "olden days". We'll go there if you ever come up for a visit!