(and sometimes the beast!)




It's award season apparently with many such events on the horizon for celebrities.  Here is a red carpet of a different kind.  I think this beauty deserves an award too, for the most glorious showing. The Illawarra Flame tree or brachychiton acerifolius, is one magnificent beauty and grouped together, as in this shot, undeniably eye-catching. Of course, there's always someone who won't play the game, in this case an early bloomer now dressed in green finery, the odd man out.
Just before Christmas I visited a friend at a lovely place called Valla Beach and the flame trees were in flower there too.  This acrobatically inclined, juvenile blue-faced honeyeater was taking advantage.
I'm so used to seeing bright red flame trees that I was shocked to see a fairly subdued red on a neighbour's tree.  Perhaps it's a different kind or the soil is different but I decided I liked it anyway. After all, in the words of Christian Dior "... There is certainly a red for everyone."


  1. Hi Sandy, This has been the best year for Illawarra Flame trees apparently because of the very wet winter of 2016 followed by a dry spring. There is a pink flowered one in a nearby garden which looks like a faded carpet. cheers Ian

  2. Hello Ian, Thank you, must be the pink one I've seen then. I've missed you and your informative comments here and on Instagram. Hope you're back? Cheers!