(and sometimes the beast!)




Nelsons Bay/Port Stephens area. Still not sure what it's called... This spot is Shoal Bay 
Panoramic shot from further around. It had rained all the way from Valla Beach but arrived here to brilliant sunshine.  I'll be back next year for a WRANS Reunion.
I 'camped' in the campervan at the Shoal Bay Holiday Park which was ideally situated for me but I won't be 'camping' again.  Not cut out for it any more. When I was a teenager I camped in a tent a few times down the Track in NT with friends. Ah those were the days.  Before I left, managed this shot of the sunrise.  More clouds but it didn't get any more colourful than this.
Next stop Gundegai and here you see the proof. I stopped at a 711 servo along the way to use the facilities and did some celebrity spotting. Keith Urban pulled up with his 2 children! Highlight of the day up until then. 
The plan was to stay overnight but as it was only 3pm I decided I'd push on to Albury. After all, what does an OAP do in a strange town on her own? Then when I checked times and mileage, discovered it would only be another 4 hours to my friend's house north of Melbourne.
This is where my training as a graduate of my ex-husband's School of Holiday Driving kicked in...  "Why stop when you can keep driving?"  Hit the road, Jack... 
Along the way I did manage to notice the scenery.  I actually stopped to snap this tree because I thought it was very handsome.
And these boulders near Tooborac were stunning, helped by the impending sunset; I came to a screeching halt. They are granite and litter the countryside like giant marbles in the Mitchell Shire, Victoria.
 Didn't notice the horse grazing until I zoomed in...
This was the sunset, which, annoyingly, got even better once I was on the road again with nowhere to pull over or when I was able to, no view.  
Here are more boulders taken elsewhere the next morning. Not as pretty without the sunset but impressive, nevertheless.
From there it was a short drive to my friends' house where I could continue my romance with this handsome hunk... And discontinue my 'camping' to sleep in a real bed.


  1. I'm not cut out for camping either. Can't believe you saw Keith Urban and his kids (shame Nicole wasn't there)!. Great photos :)

    1. Thanks Di. The day after I arrived in Melbourne I read in the paper that Nicole was there so maybe he was driving down to meet up with her.