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After last post where I was thrilled with a new (to me) bird, I must have been subconsciously on the lookout because I have been visited by a couple of Scarlet honeyeaters.  I'd never noticed them before and had never actually heard of them to be honest.  But what beauties they are (the males anyway).
I just happened to look out the window and saw a couple of very tiny birds in my crepe myrtle tree. The first one was a female of the species I realise now, but didn't twig (pardon the pun) to it until I noticed the brilliant red on the male. I nearly tripped over myself running for the camera and trying to open the screen door quietly. 
They are also surprisingly fast so all I managed was a couple of shots.
When they're so tiny, it's difficult for me to focus on them and the plethora of branches didn't help. The next time I saw them, I didn't even manage the press the shutter before he nipped off!  So, I'm grateful for what I got.
Even though I have hundreds of shots of these jolly fellows (Yellow tailed Black Cockatoo), I can't resist them and the minute I hear them calling, I go running to see if I can add to my collection.
Just a tad annoyed that I've missed the top of his wing in this shot...
...but got the whole wingspan in this one, lovely morning sun shining through his feathers. 
Hopefully, I'll have more newbies soon...

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