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Thought I'd display a few of my favourite pink flowers. First up is my Hoya, with its delicate perfume, always a favourite. I believe they like to be root bound which it is but, alas, no flowers for the past few years. Those tiny orbs of fluid are exuded by the flowers and I always delighted in it. Delicious. Top right, is a very common tree in this area, Crepe Myrtle Lagerstroemia indica. My Gran always called it Pride of India. I have 2 trees and my back neighbour has one hanging over my fence, all the same colour. They're making a mess as it's autumn so the leaves are dropping and the flowers are finishing. The light headed rosellas love them and are always chomping away at the buds and dropping them willy nilly. The next photo is my pink frangipani. This old tree is very gnarled but seems to always has flowers and today there's only one out at the very top of the tree. Lucky last is a pink grevillea, an Australian native in my daughter's garden. They are very hardy and make a beautiful display and again, very popular with the birds.

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