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I visited a friend at Samford on the weekend and she took me to a local legendary eatery, The Flying Nun, for breakfast on Sunday morning. Terrific menu and delicious food in delightful surrounds. I enjoyed my breakfast and was enchanted by the gardens. There I found this pretty pitcher plant busily eating all the insects it could find (the silly insects are attracted to the throat of the plant, fall in and can't get out). I was so engaged by it that when I saw some similar plants on sale at Big W today, I couldn't help myself and had to buy one. Apparently not the same genus having upstanding pitchers but within 5 minutes of placing it out on the deck I could hear some hapless bug trying to get out. Gotcha! I did feel a bit heartless I confess but quickly moved out of earshot. Couldn't help but think they remind me of Triffids. Lucky they're only tiny then, but haven't they got cute faces??

They had a beautiful macaw there who apparently bites the fingers of anyone silly enough to stick their fingers in the cage. I resisted the urge to do that but thought him beautiful enough to photograph. I used my friend's phone to take the shots (note to self: take camera everywhere!)

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