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Yesterday was a beautifully fine day after a week of rain so I was able to get some washing done and once again as I looked up, I was struck by the beauty of a neighbour's tree. I love the way it stands out from the crowd and with the sky so blue it makes a striking statement but it wasn't till I'd taken the photo that I realised it's got a 'fruit' (just visible mid-way up on the left hand side). I've always thought it is a Norfolk Island pine but after searching on the net to see if they have fruit/nuts I found a photo of a Norfolk Is pine which looks nothing like this one. Perhaps a bunya nut tree I thought, but no, nothing like them either. Another mystery for any readers out there. Meanwhile I'll call it Peter.

[edit 22/5/10 - this morning while hanging out washing I noticed Peter's 'fruit' has gone. Hopefully, no one below got hit on the head!]

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