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At first sight I thought a naughty child had been at work, picking petals from the blue flowers of this ground cover growing in the garden of a coastal resort. On closer inspection, I could see that the 5 petals grow in the shape of a hand or glove. I've poured over various on-line gardening sites to see if I could find a name for it but, alas, no sign of any plant called "one hand clapping" or "half a daisy". Another mystery for you out there in cyber land. Pretty though isn't it?
[edit 5/6/10 - much excitement to see this plant on ABC's Garden Show this evening. Unfortunately, although they showed the plant (which wasn't a ground cover), they didn't name it. I've written to the show hoping they can provide the name. Stay tuned...]
[further edit 8/6/10 - Result! ABC Gardening Show advise Scaevola sp is its name. A Western Australian Native. There seem to be other colours and plants that are upright, one name is a 'fan flower' - prefer 'one hand clapping']

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