(and sometimes the beast!)




In a Snapshot of Beauty first, I'm submitting these tasty morsels for your inspection. Delicious petit fours I bought for morning tea the other day. Could not resist them I'm afraid mainly because they remind me of high tea although I only allowed myself one of the lemon meringues, not like high tea where I try everything. I have to confess though that I went back the next day and got another macaroon to try and wasn't disappointed. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder (and sometimes in my tummy!).


  1. These look delicious, I definitely couldn't restrain myself enough to just eat one! :) I love High Tea, my friend and I went to the High Tea Party in Brisbane last year and it was so much fun.

  2. Thanks Jasmine1485, normally I'd have scoffed the lot, however, I'd bought them with the express purpose of sharing with others at work. Our family normally has high tea for Mother's Day but something happened this year and it turned into brunch. Still delicious though.