(and sometimes the beast!)




I definitely don't consider myself a good photographer or even a mediocre one. Perhaps an adequate one would be the best discription. Adequate for taking shots of my craft to load onto my online store, but I was/am very proud of this shot of a Damselfly that I took out in our backyard this afternoon!
I was playing around with the setting for portraits and using the zoom when I spotted it land some distance away up in a tree. I can't believe I was fast enough to get it! It's even unblurry enough to use here, surprisingly.


  1. It's a very fine er..um Damselfly. I will have to take your word on that - it looks a like a bug to me.

  2. what's the difference between a dragon fly and a damsel fly? Male and female? Good shot though but are you sure it's actually a ...fly, not just the end broken off the twig? If so, you've captured it just before it fell, so a good shot either way.