(and sometimes the beast!)




Kerry the Kookaburra is quite the sticky beak. Often out the back sitting on the fence checking out the territory. Today he/she was lucky enough to get a few tidbits from me. I even dug up some worms but couldn't work out how to get them up to him/her other than throwing and that was less than successful. Now I find my mind going round in circles thinking of ways to get my offerings up there. Usually I put some dead meat on the end of a stick (which is taken in a death grip by that sometimes not-sticky-enough-beak before the meat is pulled off; one reason why I don't want to use my fingers) but wiggly worms do not play the game, perhaps sensing my intention. I'm thinking of a lid tacked to the end of a stick for next time. I'm sure Kerry won't starve in the meantime.