(and sometimes the beast!)




Yesterday I drove to Brisbane along the Bruce Highway and was thrilled to see these bright yellow "daisies" growing along the road sides and median strip. Not these particular blooms of course, but I found some close to home where I could actually stop without causing a traffic hazard. The reason I love these flowers aside from their bright, happy faces is that our dear, long-departed Grandad claimed that he was responsible for their growth along the stretch of Highway between the Glasshouse Mtns turnoff and the Caloundra turnoff. They may be growing along the Glasshouse Mountains Tourist Drive too but haven't driven that way for a while. He would save the seeds from his plants at home and take a bag of them with him when he drove up to their holiday shack(in the 70's I think) and throw handfuls out every few kilometres. Now, whenever I see them I think of him. I know it's not an environmentally correct thing to do and would never condone such a thing now but they do brighten the place up. They look like Cosmos but again, no idea, I just think of them as Grandad Daisies and should not be confused with pesky dandelion flowers (although I know a lady who doesn't want to have her lawn mowed because she loves to look out and see dandelion flowers).