(and sometimes the beast!)




 When Pam and I were staying at the Crowne Plaza in Queenstown, this could have been one of the pieces of art on the wall in our room.  We didn't realise at the time, but it's a shot of part of the tin wall of a miner's hut  in Arrowtown (below). And in fact I had taken almost the same shot without recognising it.

The quaint Arrowtown miner's hut that provided so much photographic fodder.
 I love this bit of the same wall. For some reason the rust is a deeper colour, probably because I took the shot using macro rather than cropping part of a wider image.
 I took this somewhere else in Arrowtown because I thought it would also make a nice textural shot.  Photographic opportunities abound in the town.
Another cute miner's hut.  Or maybe a hobbit's because because they sure are small houses; no room to swing a cat.