(and sometimes the beast!)




 I recently went to Melbourne and whilst there attended the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show. So I present some of the snaps I took during my visit.  It was extremely crowded, being school holidays and a Saturday afternoon.  At times I'm not sure my feet were actually touching the ground; I was just being carried along with the crowd.  Sometimes people walked in front of me just as I had lined up the perfect shot. Very frustrating. A private tour would have been nice.
 There were lots of roses there as you'd expect, particularly in the floral displays which was in the Exhibition Building. These roses were called Fiesta. 
 This lily looked like a black arum lily although this photo is showing it as a very dark red.  I couldn't resist taking a shot of the 'S'.
 Winner of the wierdest floral display (to my mind anyway) apparently celebrating Day of the Dead that is a festival held in Mexico.
 More roses, this time Deep Water (shouldn't they be blue?)...
 and High and Mighty (pink and green).
I love these flowers which were in my eldest's wedding bouquet, lisianthus.
 How's this for a Begonia???  Absolutely beautiful.
 A variety of flowers: tulips, freesias, lilium, those black lilies again and green Chrysanthemum (I think, nothing was labelled on this display).
These orange tulips were almost irridescent and quite stunning combined with the hyacinth and green foliage.