(and sometimes the beast!)




 "Knock, knock.  Wake up, you've got a visitor."
 "I know you're in there, come out to play.  Hello?  Hello?"
"I'll be off then, rude bugger...."

I found the large snail (he was about 4.5cm long) when I was pulling out weeds and saw there was a snail inside, usually only find them empty. Then I found the little one in another garden bed so thought I'd see if he could tempt the big one out of his shell. But it didn't work.  I lost interest and also lost sight of the little one (they go faster than one would suppose).  I kept an eye on the big one all afternoon, going out to check several times but he didn't come out. Eventually, I put him back where I found him and checked several times in the evening and finally he'd gone.  My weak torch couldn't see him anywhere so I stepped down onto the pavers and .....  crunch! OMG! I was sure I'd killed him although the shell didn't look too bad and probably slipped out from underfoot before a lot of damage was done.  This morning he was gone (I actually dreamed that he was a brown and white spotted snail). Perhaps he only went to the snail graveyard but at least he was alive.  Maybe. Do possums eat snails I wonder? Pepe Le Possum lives nearby...