(and sometimes the beast!)




 The other day I spotted this Aussie gecko sitting on the side of a garden pot. I crept past him and up the stairs to get my camera, assuming he'd be gone when I got back, as my subjects often are. But luck was with me, he was waiting patiently; although took the first opportunity to flee the scene. 
I don't know what species he is. I thought he was a garden variety lizard actually until I got closer. You can just see the little suckers on his feet. It occurred to me that maybe it's a variety of the dreaded Asian house gecko which is taking over the country. The ones that live out on my deck are very pale, almost see through, and seem to have claws on their feet as well as suckers. So I've decided this one is a native. 
This guy was about 10cm long from snout to tail. I have previously seen a tiny black one with blue spots in the garden, which was nowhere to be found when I got back with the camera.