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I hadn't realised our local Council had planted magnolias in the streets in the Nambour  CBD. Maybe this is the first year they've flowered or I just wasn't looking before.  They had no fragrance though which I thought was unusual.
Maybe they're not magnolias but they sure look like any photos I've seen of white ones. Obviously, there are many different varieties, perhaps this is one just happens to be unscented.


  1. Oh, what grand blossoms, their almost velvety beauty perfectly captured!

    I remember April mornings walking to school through Villa Borghese Park in Rome, stopping to pick up the one or other large magnolia blossom that had fallen off the tree overnight. A handful of creamy white, wondrous moments.

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  3. Thank you and thanks for sharing your lovely memories Merisi; my walks to school involved frangipani flowers, a continuing favourite of mine. I've come to magnolias later in life.

    Thanks for visiting.

  4. What a beautiful shot that first one is Sandy! and it certainly looks like a Magnolia I agree. But there are many plants that look like other plants! x♥

  5. Thanks Pam, I just thought it should have a delectable fragrance, maybe all the scent had been sniffed out.