(and sometimes the beast!)




Too often I'm am under-whelmed by some of the "art" we are exposed to and made to feel inadequate if we don't swoon over it.  You know the stuff I mean... 3 planks of wood and a roll of barbed wire;  a few splotches of paint or perhaps an animal carcass in brine.  However, I was quite enamoured of this magnificent statue of a Clydesdale horse which greeted our arrival in Boonah from Brisbane last week and thought you might like to enjoy him too.  
 There is an Arabian proverb which says: "The wind of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." 
Most apt in this case don't you think?
The sculptor is Andrew Scott.


  1. I love Clydsedales! We have some in SA that pull a carriage out to Granite Island from Victor Harbor. This is awesome art :)

  2. I agree, awesome. If I'd been driving I probably would have crashed the car trying to get a better look as we came into town. The sculptor is quite amazing, his stuff is all over the world. Thanks for visiting.