(and sometimes the beast!)




Peli-can, of course! 
 More pelicans and cormorants just sitting on the beach.  Formal dress for them. 
 Just floating and waiting...
"Get back, make way! I'm trying to land here!"
 It wasn't perfect weather as you can see from the cloud cover but the seagulls enjoyed a walk along the beach.
 Galahs have the perfect view as they lunch... 
 Magnificent sea eagles were hovering around everywhere, way up high.
If you look closely you can see one perched on top of this diving wreck just off shore.
I've just enjoyed an excursion out from Tangalooma Resort with Pam and a friend which was where I snapped all those beautiful birds above. It was a whale watching expedition; so where are my humpback whale photos you may ask? I CAN'T say I got any good photos. I expended a lot of energy trying to get a decent shot of one of the ocean's majestic creatures and managed very little despite a few cooperative critters putting on a show for us.  
 I hadn't realised how difficult it would be and now wish I'd just enjoyed the experience without the worry of "getting the perfect shot".  This one was "almost" in the frame. There are others where I managed to press the shutter in time to get the splash after a breach.  Sigh.  Next time.
This shot of a tail could have been that "perfect shot" if only it had been in focus! 
Finally, I just missed the "blow" of this baby but at least it's in focus and you can even see the blow hole.  I'm calling this one a success...  
We didn't stay for the wild dolphin feeding in the evening but I believe it's excellent. And although there were some, supposedly, spotted out from the boat, I couldn't see them let alone photograph them.  This statue on shore was very cooperative though.


  1. You're too kind Joolz. Thank you. Some of them are a bit cr*p! But I'm happy enough with most.

  2. Definitely great shots and captions Sandy! Loving that first one. Will endeavour to put some of mine up....................eventually!! :) You know, I lost my pics of that statue and the galahs! Disappeared into the ether somewhere! Grr-ing now! :) ♥

  3. Thanks Pam. Perhaps your shots are with that one of mine I tried to upload to FB?

  4. Just as I thought Sandy, stunning photos. I'm in love with the first one!

  5. Thanks Liana. He is definitely the popular one. Any pelicans over there??? Too high and cold for them eh? Thanks for visiting.

  6. Excellent pics. Love the Galahs - wish we had those here.

  7. Aussies think everyone else in the world is a galah don't they? Glad you liked the pics. :)