(and sometimes the beast!)




So many captions came to mind when I took this photo.  "Forbidden love", "I'm the King of the Castle and you're the Dirty Rascal", "Race you to the top slow-coach", "Break it up; no fighting on the log!"  These guys were fighting for position on a log floating on the creek behind the building where I work.  I've often posted photos of the various wild life that hangs out there and after many hours of observing them, this is the first interaction I've seen between these two species. Usually, they ignore each other.
 This photo was taken later that day and I like to think he fought off all challengers to reign supreme on his "castle".
Another resident on the creek that day which I think is a juvenile Great Egret as he/she is quite small compared to others I've seen there.  
 It's a great breeding ground area with birds nesting all over the place at the moment, the noisiest being ibis which have made a large platform with several nests on it. I must say, like the adults, even the fledglings are a bit on the ugly side.

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